Hey y'all from the other side of the world. I haven't been quite active here but the last couple of weeks have been quite hectic for me both physically and mentally but am glad that I have settled in well so far. Trying to cope with stuff here and there like any normal person would while traveling.

Last week I got to visit the amazing city of Cardiff and let me just say I might have gotten lost a couple of times😂. I am sure the people on the streets were tired by the number of times I asked for directions to certain places that I wanted to visit. It was a lovely adventure getting to see the Cardiff bay and all. The weather though on the other hand.. lol.. you better brace yourself because the wind is soo cold at this time of the year. I miss the sun to say the truth😎. I plan to visit a few more places around but time will tell.

I wore a grey cable knit sweater which I matched with blue skinny jeans, light pink collared shirt, converse shoes and Edison Watch which you can get 20% discount off if you use my code (@olavarthur) on your purchase. If you spot me don't feel shy to say hi😆.

See you on the next post💓✌.

Sweater - River Island ⬆ Shoes - Converse ⬆ Shirt - TOPMAN ⬆ Trousers - H&M ⬆ Watch - Edison Watch Co

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