Ever since I began working on my blog full time, to me that has been the most fulfilling and bold move I have ever made in my adult life. Being able to move away from the normal (8-5) work schedule was scary as I thought I would be able to fall miserably but I am happy I did it. I have been able to dive deep into this creative industry and do my best to find my voice plus place.

With that comes a lot of planning and strategy which I am happy I have learnt over the years. One of those is time keeping and being able to know what I need to do at what time. Edison Watch Co being a watch brand that looks to redefine the standard in time, has worked perfectly for me over the past few days in my schedules and style. Their signature minimal designs are a true testament to a timeless style and affordability. The Edison Watch is crafted using the finest materials giving it a luxury feel anyone would want.

Why be left out? Head over to there website and get an Edison Watch Co for that unique feel. As part of my partnership with them use my code (@olavarthur ) to get a 20% discount in your purchase. Let me know how you style your Edison Watch once you get one ๐Ÿ˜„.

To get the exact watch am wearing click here .

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