Last week on Thursday I attended the "We Wear Culture" project by Google Arts and Culture in collaboration with African Heritage House and Mcensal School of Fashion in Kenya and over 180 renowned cultural institutions from New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and around the world. Using the state of the art technology, the project allows you to explore everything from the ancient Silk Road , through the courtly fashion of Versailles , to the British punk and the stories behind the clothes they wear today. Iconic pieces that changed the way generations dressed, such as Marylin Monroe's high heels or the Black Dress by Chanel are brought to life in virtual reality. Traditional African textiles and costumes by African Heritage House are now available online as part of the global exhibition opening today.

The launch started with an amazing scenic view train ride from the Nairobi Railways Station all the way to the African Heritage House where by we were welcomed with lovely ushers dressed in African attires and cold drinks to beat the hot weather which was glaring at us with no mercy. A fashion show full of African attires and history was showcased to us by the Mochez Models and it was quite informative. I enjoyed every part of it and inside me I hopped I had some of the gentlemen outfitsπŸ˜€πŸ™Š.

The session about the Google Arts and Culture App was great since it made me and everyone else attending know more about the App. If you get a chance, do download the App on your phone or tablet. This will enable you to get more details about it.

It was a fantastic day and I can't thank enough the Google and the Impact Africa Limited PR for an amazing event and invite.

Scroll down to see more pictures from the day.... Thank you for stopping byπŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ

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  1. Frank Fashions13 June 2017 at 09:39

    This is very cool. Love post

  2. Woow that looks like a lot of fun hahah

  3. I love your outfit Olav. The event looked fantastic!!