My days are usually pretty hectic. This is because my job requires constant 24-hour attention, even my Saturdays tend to run away from me. Due to this I prefer comfortable clothing that is chic and stylish at the same time. There is nothing more uncomfortable than running errands in a suit and tie in 26°C weather.
On days like this I want an outfit that can transition stylishly from the lazy sleepy mornings to a super energized day. Plus 2 Clothing is an Australian brand label that specializes in amazing long length t-shirts and apparels. Some of the things I love about this brand is that the clothing fit is perfectly amazing, the prices are affordable, they have cool designs which makes it quite edgy, the quality of the material is good which enables the t-shirts and apparels to last longer after washing and the do ship worldwide. What else can one ask for after such positive clothing qualities? I know I will be getting myself a couple more of their brand pieces.
If you are a person who is tall or average height Plus 2 Clothing will fit you very well since the t-shirts and apparels are made slim and not wide. One can also layer the clothing pieces to suit your preferred style which means it doesn’t limit you at all. They are perfect for both warm and cold seasons which is great. Am sure you won’t be disappointed when you snug yourself one of their clothing pieces.

You can check them out on their social media pages:
Facebook; Plus 2 Clothing
Instagram; @plus2clothing

You can get a 10% off your first order when you sign up on their website, so if I were you I would be rushing over there to get yourself their cool street-wear clothing.

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  1. Woooow.. Love this! I will definitely check them out Olav

  2. I love how their designs are cool and easy you know. Am rushing over on the website to get myself that 10% off

  3. I came here from facebook. Dope streetwear

  4. I am here for the 10% discount off my first order.. hahah