Hey my name is Olav Arthur and I am a denim and print addict. If there were AA meetings where one could get help for loving denim and prints, I think I would have subscribed to it a long time ago. Well don't get me wrong, sleek sharp suits are also my cup of tea but denim and printed shirts are my drug when it comes to those casual stylish days. One can easily transition denim pants to look very sleek for any event (but not a black tie event).
In this post I am wearing blue denim trousers from Levi's which I matched with maroon Converse sneakers , printed short sleeve shirt and black sunglasses. What are your casual trails style made up of?

Am sure many of you love apps such as Instagram, Twitter etc (I am an app addict too). Well if you do then  you will absolutely love Trio which is one of the fastest growing new apps for watching and making awesome mashup videos about things you love. I have tried the app and personally I love it. All you have to do is download the app on your phone, sign up and vooom your ready for the super enjoyment. To get the app click on this link http://tap.trioapp.co/olavarthurmburu which will lead you to the app store when you can download it for free. Enjoy using Trio :)

Trousers - Levi's / Shoes - Converse All Stars / Shirt - Thrifted

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  1. Looking amazing!! - Kate

  2. Prints and denim always look amazing on you.

  3. Lovely post and style. I like what I see. - Georgina

  4. Denim is one of the most comfortable piece I own. I like how you have styled yours

  5. Great writing and reading. I will check out Trio and see if I can download it.