Let me paint a picture for you: you decide that maybe luck is on your side today. So you go ahead and purchase a lottery ticket, which you scratch and to your surprise you win 50,000ksh.... how would you spend it?. Although I know a lot of people would go and start a business with that money which isn't a bad thing at all. But even if you want to start a business with that money, having a proper image should be part of that process. Investing in great blazers, shoes and closet pieces should be every gentleman's dream. I have been able to achieve this by getting versatile pieces which I can in-cooperate easily into my day to day life. This isn't to say that you too can't achieve this. You can very easily, we all start from somewhere.
Between my crazy life full of ties, shirts, slim fit trousers and denim pants, blazers also play a major role. I wore a black and white double breasted striped blazer which I matched with a black trouser, a white long sleeved shirt, a black tie and buckle derby shoes. No matter who you are, dressing for success is an integral part of attaining it. This isn't to mean that you should wear suits each day..lol.. unless your working in a very formal job. If your like me, then you can play with a lot of pieces and still attain a sharp look.

Location - Zen Garden

Photography - Paul Osano

Trouser - Tailor made / Shirt - Marks and Spencer / Blazer - Tailor made / Shoes - Jumia Kenya

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  1. Lovely style.. I love how you have matched the outfits - Stephen

  2. Dapper look Olav. Menswear at its best.

  3. I love your style always. Its superb

  4. I love you two. Lucia slaying too as always. Am a big fan!! - Mercy Gitau

  5. Love the suiting up Olav - Fredrick

  6. The place looks amazing and your style is incredible.