The Ndau Collection is one of the best accessory brand from Zimbabwe that we have in Africa making unique fashion statements pieces each and every time. If you have been reading my posts here you will notice I have been wearing some of their pieces since they cater for both sexes.

In the recently finished MBFWA2014, Ndau Collection showcased their beautiful statement pieces on the runway. They drew inspiration from the fashion themes for 2015/2016, in particular the Samurai theme.  This led them to choosing very strong geometric looks that were further inspired by Mandelbrot's "Fractal Geometry of Nature". The inspiration was further describe this way in their Lookbook "A beginning point for a collection, the nucleus, is the seed from which its form grows. This fractal unfolding led to the tenets of geometry and a journey into the esoteric world of mathematics. Mandelbrot's observation that things typically considered chaotic actually have a degree of order was a design revelation and thus we present our Spring Summer 15 collection 'The Fractal Geometry of Form' ". The materials used in making the collection pieces were sterling silver, a variety of precious gems (eg alexandrite, topaz), a variety of semi-precious gems (eg crystals, amethyst), a variety of antique trade beads, crocodile leather and ostrich shell feathers. The pieces were individually made with precision and keenness to bring the best to the market. If you are looking for accessories which have style, uniqueness and luxury on them then I would recommend The Ndau Collection to you.
Contact Information:
Instagram: @ndaucollection

                                        1: Body silver wrist-cage with a ring chain.      
                                      2:  Body silver wrist-cage with a ring chain.
                                      3: Earrings silver amethyst with crystal pendant.
                                     4: Earrings silver Chameleon with pendant.
                         5: Earrings silver gemstone with silver ball pendants.
                  6: Cuff Crocodile leather Peacock feather.
                     7: Cuff sterling silver Chameleon eye wide.
                      8: Cuff sterling silver Chameleon eye.
                     9: Cuff sterling silver Chameleon tail.
                        10: Cuff sterling silver Chameleon.
                    11: Cuff sterling silver Crocodile leather bronze with Ethiopian cross chain. 
                     12: Cuff sterling silver Crocodile leather radiant orchid quadrant panel Swiss blue topaz.
                    13: Earring ear-cuff sterling silver Fleur delis.
                   14: Earring ear-cuff sterling silver textured half crescent.
                15: Earring sterling silver blue crocodile leather.
                          16: Earring sterling silver mabepearl feathers.
                       17: Earring sterling silver sharp triangles.
                       18: Handcuff sterling silver amethyst briolette droplet.
                     19: Multibangle sterling silver jungle cockerel feathers black garnet.
                20: Necklace beaten sterling silver pendant amethyst purple nupe Gambian trade-beads.
               21: Necklace sterling silver beads bronze crocodile leather hippo tooth.
                  22: Necklace sterling silver brushed antique bohemian trade-bead Ethiopian heshi amethyst.
                23: Necklace sterling silver plates boulder opal Ethiopian heshi trade-beads.
              24: Necklace sterling silver shoulder feathered epaulette rose-quartz pendant carnelian peridot green-glass Vaseline bead.
              25: Necklace sterling silver trade beads turquoise blue.
                  26: Necklace sterling silver triangles mabe pearls feathers.
                27: Ring sterling silver geometric highsheen.
                  28: Ring sterling silver jungle cockerel feathers rutile Madagascar quartz.
                     29: Ring sterling silver cage-work.
                     30: Ring sterling silver triangle mabe pearl feather.

               31: Ring silver chameleon tail detail.
                                32: Ring silver gemstone crystal amethyst.
                         33: Ring silver rhomboid face.
                    34: Ring silver topaz.

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