Luxury vehicle brand Mercedes Benz and African Fashion International (AFI) teamed up once again to bring the 2014 Cape Town Fashion Week. The festival which ran between 24th to 26th July proved to be a big success as top-notch South African designers wowed fashion-fundis with some wonderful collections. My favourite designs however for this year was the Fabiani Summer 2014/15 collection by The Fabiani Cafe.

Established over 30 years ago, menswear label and retailer Fabiani produces world-class exclusive shirts, suits and accessories. This season the label will offer both soft naturals and electric neons. With crisp denims and cottons, fitted trousers and slim-fit shorts were showcased. Print shirts also bring some fun into the collection while the pieces in dark greys, navy blue and silver tame the boldness of the collection. 

Borrowing an excerpt from the description of their 2014/15 summer collection: "The heat of summer adds to the sparkling ambiance and perfectly matches the patrons’ ruggedly elegant attire. Narrow leg trousers allow for a glimpse of olive skinned ankles with overstated cuffed hems that show off burnished monk straps. In an ode to nonchalant style, the last buckle is always left unfastened. Outside the sound of leather soles rings across the lively piazza and handcrafted lace up derbies, tassel loafers, gladiator sandals and drivers move like a wave across the cobbled sidewalks."

There's a piece to compliment every occasion. Enjoy the pieces.

 For more details about the collection click the links below:

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  1. Great stuff guys!!! Ultimately my favourite African designer of the year!!!