Recently I got contacted by one of our avid readers who wanted to know how to go on about applying for a job as a fashion stylist either at a fashion magazine or fashion house. At this point I realized there isn't a lot of reading material for those who want to apply for fashion-related jobs so I decided to do a tad bit of research and came up with the following pointers.

The fashion industry is more about style, innovation, and creativity. Therefore if you want to increase your chances of making a successful career in this profession, you need to depict these qualities in your cover letter and make the employer interested in your profile.

The cover letter should be well organized, impressive, and perfectly drafted to prove your suitableness for the applied job position. Below are a few listed cover letter tips:

  1. Maintaining consistency: It is always necessary to keep consistency in your cover letter in order to make it more enhancing and readable. There has to be consistency in your language, quality, and flow of the letter. Inconsistent cover letters really put off the mood of the employers and cause the job applicants to miss the golden job opportunities. 
  2. Appropriately mentioning the personal details: The personal details mentioned in the cover letter are needed to be right and accurate. The reader usually refers to your personal details to get connected with you and discuss about the hiring procedures. Your name, address, phone number, email address generally constitute the personal details section. 
  3. Using professionalism: When writing a cover letter, it is very essential for any ambitious job applicant to show professionalism in every aspect. The language and tone used in the document should have a professional touch to make the reader well impressed about your personality and attitude towards your career. 
An example of a fashion stylist job cover letter is given below for your reference:

Simon Moshame
P.O Box 2115-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Mobile: +254 (554)342210

Date: August 26, 2014

Vanessa Prita
P.O Box 12-00300
Nairobi, Kenya
Mobile: +254 (813)383894

Dear Ms. Prita,
It takes great pleasure to enhance my career in your organization considering the room for growth it provides. Here is my job application for the 'Fashion Stylist' job profile in your esteemed organization. Please find the documents attached with this letter.

I am an experienced professional in this sector and have a great desire to become a successful fashion stylist. I possess a fashion and design degree from Kenyatta University and have a total of two years work experience in this field. I take this opportunity to assure you of my indispensable skills and knowledge related to fashion styling which makes a deserving applicant for this job. I maintain information about the latest fashion trends which help me to create up-to-the-minute fashion products. Besides, I am a confident, innovative, and intellectual individual. I am sure that my addition to your organization can bring loads of business opportunities with reputed clients.

It would be great if I get scheduled for the job interview in your organization. I hope for a positive reply. Thank you for spending time in reading my letter.

Simon Moshame

For more information about related cover letters and résumés please head on over to The website helped a great deal in coming up with this article.

PS: A follow up of this post is now available, titled 'What makes a good fashion stylist?' Read it here

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