African fashion in Nigeria has and is still growing at a fast rate, and with talented minds like Adebayo Oke-lawal who pave the way for more greatness and creativity, fashion is the only way they can express themselves. Him being the head designer of the world known fashion label Orange Culture, being feature on the Vogue Online Website and being chosen to participate in the LVMH prize competition in Paris, we caught up with him to know more about his fashion label and a little bit about himself.

1: To introduce yourself what are your full names
Adebayo Ok‎e-lawal

2: Where is your ethnicity

3: Where are you situated at now
Right now I shuttle between Nigeria and England 

4: When did you enter into the world of Fashion and Design
Officially with orange culture in 2011

5: What's your favorite thing about being the head designer of the label The Orange Culture?
Its mine! Lol! So I can do and say whatever pleases me

6: What do you regard as the most important asset in your work
It's genuine story - and it has a rich cultural background, 
 7: What is your bitter sweet moment
LVMH getting in but not getting to the top 10

8: What can't you live without and why
Family! And designing

9: What Inspired you to start your own Fashion Label "The Orange Culture"?
My love for fashion! And my love for design! It's my voice - No one wants to be voiceless 

10: What is your label The Orange Culture all about in both Menswear and Womenswear?
‎It's about the diverse adventures of a modern day nomad 

11: Who do you work with to make your work a success
I just create art and make sure it comes from my heart :-)

12: I was very excited that you were feature on the Vogue Online Website. Tell us about that?
It was an amazing experience Declan of Vogue loves the brand - it's great to see amazing people feeling a connection to the brand - I mean it's Vogue would you imagine I'd feel

13: I saw you were in Paris just the other day participating in the LVMH Prize competition, how was the experience? Plus meeting great fashion personalities like Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld?
I'm still speechless - thankful to have been picked from 1221 people from all over the world and exposed to such greatness

14: What should we expect from you in the future.
Everything possible lol

15: How can people reach you through the social media or email
@theorangenerd instagram/twitter

16 Apart from being a great influence in the fashion industry in Africa what other creative stuff are you into?
Aww.thank you! I love music and I style as well - I'm the fashion editor of WOW magazine in Nigeria !

17: If you had one super power what would it be and why
Healing - too many sick people in this world

18: If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why
Discrimination based on stereotypes - different would be good!

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