The Head-Wrap Collection By 1953.


Nigerian fashion brand 1953 has used a headwrap collection themed “How I Wear My Crown” to celebrate African culture and represent women that are pushing our diverse cultural vision forward. With a vision to represent the confidence, diversity, and creativity of women, and to do so with integrity, the brand promotes the individuality and beauty of all women. The Nigerian brand owner, Folasade Adeoso states that all their pieces are handmade in Nigeria and handpicked by her. The Head Wrap Collection is perfect for everyday fashion, dress up, parties, traditional ceremonies, women on the go and those who love to mix and match patterns. The campaign features 12 beautiful women from across America including Fola.
On an interview with FAB Fashion, here is what Folasade Adesos had to say about her brand 1953 and the head wrap collection, "On choosing 1953 as a brand name: My father passed away in 2012 and coming from a family of all girls, it hit me that we would not be able to pass on my father’s name the way men can. When I went home in 2013 I was continuously greeted by family and friends who would say, “Welcome to your father’s land” and that stuck with me. 1953 is the year my father was born and the year that Nigeria became my father’s land. On choosing headwraps: Growing up, I would watch my mother tie her head-wraps so intricately on a daily basis. At the age of 22 I started learning to tie my own head-wraps by watching her. Being so far away from Nigeria, wearing head-wraps allow me to feel more connected to home. It makes me feel so regal and proud not to mention that they are a colorful addition to whatever outfit I may have on!".


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