DATE: December 14th 2013.

VENUE: Tribe Hotel

TIME: 6:30pm

TICKETS: Ksh 6,000

Tribe represents the new, true image of Nairobi; a sophisticated, hip, cool and creative city. Events organized by Tribe showcase the best local and international talent, while supporting causes that care for the less fortunate. Proceeds from this fashion show are in aid of Sasa Designs by the Deaf.

Tickets are KShs. 6000 per person and include a welcome drink and canapés. 

Some of the designers who are set to showcase at the show are:

Millecollines is a fashion brand that was born in Rwanda in the spring of 2009.Our collections speak to the contrast between global trends and the essence of African tradition. Millecollines believes in the promise of Africa and wants the quality of its creations to reflect all its strength and sensibility. Constantly seeking attention to detail with handmade finishings, the collections are timeless.Millecollines dresses a woman that is not afraid of a world that is changing.On the contrary, she believes that with diversity we achieve a new and richer expression of wealth. She values a unique, handmade, and high quality product.Africa lives in her.In a world where cultures are brought closer together everyday, we want our woman to dress millecollines knowing that it will represent the change she is a part of and feeling the blend of the worlds she lives in, today.
Born in Nairobi, Kenya’s cosmopolitan capital city, Niku hails from a family background of creative people. He hadalways been the best in art & crafts and creative activitiessince his childhood, which has turned into a lifetimepassion and profession. Despite his childhood dream tobecome an architect or pilot, Niku studied interior designwhilst helping to run the family's engineering business.The combination of both an engineering and artisticbackground, and his great attention to detail, made Nikuthe ideal person to create and manufacture a variety ofbeautiful aluminum and brass beads for the Kenyancompany Kitengela Glass and London based Fashion brand& company “Made”, where currently he designs his ownexclusive collection of jewelry. Niku’s creations have been inspired by his passion for anything &everything artistic. His designs are an exceptional merge of costume and semi precious stone jewelry.Niku’s most popular items are his unique and spectacular custom designed & handmade beads fromrecycled materials with his creation of jewelry. Niku tends to use his own beads, which is his signature,in most of his jewelry, producing the most stunning and exquisite pieces. Alongside his design works,Niku also designs and manufactures a matchless and an exclusive custom made range of assortedinterior décor items using wrought iron and recyclable materials for his products and spectacular n accessories, like Mirrors, Lampshades, Candle holders, Simple n elegant iron furniture, Fire placeguards, etc, along with his interior design & décor consulting services, you name it and he does it!


The Adèle Dejak brand creates handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional woman. Inspired by African shapes, textures and traditional techniques, the cutting-edge pieces sit perfectly between artefact and high fashion statement designs.The Adèle Dejak collections express our acute appreciation for African-made fabrics, including Kuba cloth and kitenge (wax print); a dedication to using recycled materials including rice and cement sacks, brass, aluminium and glass and; a commitment to exceptional quality – using only the best materials and employing some of the most talented artisans in the East African region.Adèle Dejak unites style and substance and invites you to unapologetically own your style!Look out for the Swaady collection being launched officially at TRIBAL CHIC!!

 Limited number of seats! Book your tickets soon!
Phone: 020 720 0000 / 0722 316 171

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