The High-Tech Fashion Gadget


The High-Tech Fashion Gadget is a new article that will be written on a weekly basis here on the blog that will feature the latest in high-tech fashion gadgets. Keeping you informed on what's new from the most helpful to even the most ridiculous gadgets. Each article will feature at least 3 gadgets and it is up to you the reader to decide if it's a hit or miss.

High tech gadgets form an integral part of fashion accessories. The gadgets you carry around tell people about your likes, dislikes and ability to integrate with technology. The following 3 gadgets are something that I believe you will find very interesting:

#1. Bluetooth Gloves
A few years ago, it may have sounded comical to communicate by making a phone-sign with your hands but not anymore. Bluetooth gloves do what their name states - Bluetooth service.

All you have to do is buy a pair and synchronize it wirelessly with your mobile phone. The gloves have a smart sensor, a microphone and a speaker attached to the thumb and small finger of both hands.The control pad is located at the top of the glove and once your mobile phone has recognized the Bluetooth device around, you press the connect button and there you go. Next time you receive a phone call all you have to do is make a phone sign with your hands and you would actually listen and speak.

These gloves would be very essential especially now during the cold season.

#2. The Flask Tie
Can you think of quenching your thirst when you are in a hurry to get to your next meeting and don't have time to grab a drink? Perhaps it was not possible before invention of a unique gadget that is known as Flask Tie that hides drinks of your choice in you neck wear.

This new gadget is designed for your office hydration needs. It is designed in such a way that your drink will be hidden in your tie and you can quench your thirst whenever you want. It is really beneficial to those that love alcohol but are not allowed to drink during office hours. Now you can drink your beverage of choice secretly.

Simply fill the broad end of neck tie with your favourite drink and when you want a sneaky drink, you just take out the slim end and suck from the nozzle inside the bottom. It uses a simple bite and sip procedure. Each tie bladder can hold approximately 177ml of your drink. In order to eliminate the chances of spills this drinking spout uses a self-sealing valve.

This is definitely a fashion statement of thirst quenching proportions.

#3. The Mobile Trouser Press
Have you ever been embarassed at a meeting or a party because your clothes get wrinkled on the way? If you are running short of time and still want to get out the creases what will you do?

Mobile Trouser Press lets you iron clothes in your office or even on the way. It would not allow you to iron your entire shirt or trouser but it allows you to fix up small wrinkles, straighten visible folds and put really sharp creases on your trouser or shirt when you need to.

This device is pocket-sized and you can carry it anywhere. It is designed in such a way to sandwich a garment between a pair of heated surfaces. The double sided heat press can heat up to about 95 degrees in just 1 to 3 minutes when turned on. It runs on 3 AA batteries as well as through USB which enable you to tidy up from anywhere.

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