Empowering Women in Style, Designer Aliakim to Showcase at Africa Fashion Week New York July 2013



Aliakim is starting a revolution with a unique brand devoted to bringing awareness to child soldiers and families torn by war while combining women empowerment with femininity. The label is next showing during Africa Fashion Week New York beginning mid-July, 2013.

“It’s hard to be a wallflower or a pushover while wearing an AK-47” 
This is the capturing message of designer label Aliakim. A brand that blends fashion with activism, Aliakim not only offers ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, but provides women with an armour that is strong, modern, and chic. “The major motivation behind completely reinventing my life was a calling to make clothing and accessories for women like myself: cosmopolitan women who want the opportunity to express their political opinions as sophisticatedly as they express their femininity,” says designer Mikaila Brown.

Each piece uniquely melds cultural images with high-end fashion elements to artistically raise awareness to current world affairs. The mission of this fashion line is to provide cultivated women everywhere with clothing and accessories that express their advocacy as sophisticatedly as their femininity. Giving meaning to the term “revolutionary chic”, it is the intention of this line to put the “wear” in “awareness” and, as a result, inspire change.

The revolution Aliakim is currently fighting for is the awareness of child soldiers and families torn from war and without a voice. The proceeds from the Enlisted collection benefit SOS Village in Southern Sudan, an organization that takes in child soldiers that have lost their families in civil war between Northern and Southern Sudan while also providing education and counselling so they can reintegrate into society.

The Enlisted Collection is a combination of ready-to-wear day-to-evening clothing and accessories, custom fabrics, flip counter-cultural pieces. The designs are discernible and dynamic and inspire women to see value and power in themselves. “My primary inspiration and thus motivation with this collection is to provide women with an armour that is strong, discernible, and commanding,” Mikaila details.  With the Enlisted Collection, Aliakim is building a fashion army of empowered women and the rebellion starts with the runway.

Aliakim will be showing next on the runway during Africa Fashion Week New York (www.afwny.com) this July. Mikaila shares her message of Africa Fashion, “African culture is constructed around community. We need to take advantage of this instinct and share awarenesses and build community. Together we can have a broader platform to promote our brands.”  www.aliakim.com
via Shadders Africa.

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