Welcome to The Lifestyle Spread


Welcome dear readers to The Lifestyle Spread (formerly Arthur's Fashion World in Nairobi). We ask you to keep it here on The Lifestyle Spread for all the latest in fashion, lifestyle, creativity and unique trends that impact the way we live in the 21st century.

After a steady growth over the past 1 year, Arthur's Fashion World in Nairobi has decided to embrace a new name and new URL. We are now The Lifestyle Spread, http://lifestylespread.blogspot.com

In the next two weeks the blog, Arthur's Fashion World in Nairobi, will be taken down and will no longer be available neither will the posts or comments or photos.

We thank all of you who supported our work on the previous blog, and we want you to continue supporting us and giving us advice on what you'd want to see more. Also if you have an idea that will impact current lifestyle trends please drop us an email on arthurmburu@ymail.com or homekyle@outlook.com

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