Spotlight on one of East Africa's finest - Yvonne Darcq


Yvonne Darcq was born on January 16th 1990 in Maridi, South Sudan. She is one of East Africa's fastest rising recording artist from Kenya. From her creativity to her diverse fashion to her colourful personality, this young RnB songstress not only has a powerful voice but also has a lot of accomplishments up her sleeves.

Yvonne Darcq started her career at the age of 13 when she recorded her first single "Anytime" feat. Fina and another school mate. The song was recorded and produced by her school music teacher Mr Mwashimba at The Greensteads school, Nakuru/Kenya. Darcq then went on a school music tour in the U.K the following year where she and her schoolmates (band and choir) performed at several important venues around the country.

In 2006 Yvonne joined Head Bangaz int. where she started recording her first album. She has worked with several producers and artists locally and internationally. Yvonne Darcq's music has spread through Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, Australia, parts of the U.S and America. She has also performed locally and internationally plus has opened the stage for big acts.

Yvonne has recorded several singles and worked on several collaborations with East African artists/groups. She has worked with Ukoo Flani, Cannibal, Sharama, Kimya, Kalamashaka....just to name a few. Release of Thug Love video, her first video, a collaboration between some of East Africa's finest artists.

She has released the video Get It Right, shot in Uganda, ft Nazizi.
Release of  "Be Happy" video shot in Nairobi, Kenya. This video was nominated for Best RnB video at the 2010 SoundCity Music Video Awards held in Lagos, Nigeria.
The video "Toi et ta vie" video shot in Mozambique ft. Dama Do Bling.This video was nominated for the 2011 Museke Awards held in New York, USA.

She has released two albums E!V!M!E! Pt1 & Pt2. E!V!M!E! stands for Education!Vocally!Mentally!Emotional!

The video shoot for suffocating was done in the Great Rift Valley. Yvonne was nominated in four categories at The East African Kisima Awards: New Artist of the year, Urban artist, reggae/ragga video of the year.

Currently working on her second album and working on several recording projects locally and internationally. Yvonne has already shot 2 videos this year and is currently working on the release of the first video.

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