Yaa Bonsu is a girl who I would describe her style as edgy, simple, yet very classy and stylish. You may never know what look she will rock next but when she does it always has a fabulous twist onto it which I love. She always reminds me of Rihanna :).. I caught up with her to know more about her being a stylist and her stylish self :)..

1: To introduce yourself what are your full names

Queen Esther Yaa Bonsu..My first name is Queen you better recognize lol

2: Where is your ethnicity

I don’t like to rely on Ethnicity, My Dad is Ghanian and My Mom is Kenyan

3: Where are you situated at now

I am currently based in Nairobi Kenya.

4: When did you enter into the world of Fashion and Styling

I have been flipping through High Fashion Magazines since I was 11 years old. 5 years later, I found myself working as a stylist and as a Model for Liz Ogumbo.

My sister Aqua, has also been modeling for years so I guess I got a little dose on the local industry from her.

5: What's your favorite thing about being a Fashion Stylist

Mmmm.. thinking about an outfit/concept and watching it come together so well in real life. It’s a like gift from God, haha I really do feel special lol.

6: What do you regard as the most important asset in your work.

Good Taste. 
 7: What is the most expensive item you have in your closet.

Mmm am not too sure but ok let’s see… Probably a Louise Vuitton duffle bag my sister got me for my 17th birthday.

8: Describe your style and what exactly inspires you to dress the way you do.

Well its fine cut between minimal and edgy, I like to keep things simple and clean with a touch of cool and retro. I am inspired by a lot of things, from movie characters, to the music I listen to.

9: Who inspires you in terms of fashion designers (Locally and internationally) and stylists?

Internationally it would be Kanye West, Victoria Beckham…oh and Jayden Smith. I am digging his MSFTS  line.

Locally, I like designers Anil Padia and Blackbird Jeans

10: If I was to bump into you on the street, what would i find wearing?

I am  very unpredictable,  but usually denim shorts, a t-shirt and sunglasses. 
11: If you were a person in the era before the 21 century which year would it be and why?
The 60s all that tripping and good loving haha I love the 80s too am into that whole Madonna vibe.

12: In regards to your work what do you specify on to give it 100%.

I hustle hard and I am a perfectionist, I am also very particular about the team I work with, we have to be on the same level.  Sometimes I get let down even by myself but I still push on, nothing stops me.
13: Who do you work with to make your styling job a success?
That’s the thing, I work with anyone that I feel has great talent and a good sense of direction. I am not into big names or bla bla bla.  If your work is cool, interesting and up to standards, I will work with you. Simple.

14: What are the essentials one should have in their closet in your opinion according to your opinion?

Blue Jeans and a clean cut blazer, you can never go wrong with these. It applies for both men and women.

15: What’s your favorite trend of all time?

Denim and military boots

16: What is your number one fashion rule?

Don’t try too hard, it shows and it’s not a pretty sight. Fashion is a gift not a punishment.

17: What should we expect from you in future?

Quite alot inshallah...I really do believe in growth.

18: How can people reach you through the social media or email

My facebook name is Yaa Bonsu

Follow me on twitter and instagram on @itsyaabitch

Check out my super cool blog

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