FAFA Insight: Competition for Emerging Designers - Accessories & Fashion 2013


 FAFA Insight: Competition for Emerging Designers - Accessories & Fashion 2013.
Theme: Beyond Tribes: #KenyaAt50

What they need from you by 15th April:
1) Your bio
2) Your photo (1MB max)
3) A letter "Why I want to be a famous designer" (200 words max)
4) Photos of 3 of your favourite creations (1 MB max altogether)
5) Drawings of a mini collection you would like to present in the FAFA Insight show & it's inspiration (max 200 words). Send max 5 images in any medium (pencil, crayon, collage, computer etc...) (2MB max)

Send to: fafainsight2013@gmail.com

Main Conditions for Applicants:
1) Designers / Design Houses must be living & working in Kenya. There will be scope for designers outside this area to apply to FAFA Fashion Week 1-3 November 2013.
2) Designers must be 18 or above, due to regulations around sponsorship from alcohol companies. Please note they are working on having a competition for younger designers at a different time.
3) The previous winners should not apply, as they will feature in the main FAFA Fashion Week.

Shortlisted designers will be notified by 30th April & then be asked to make a collection of 5 outfits or accessories by 30th May. The FAFA Insight Show will be 8th June 2013 in Nairobi.

So designers and accessories designers get down to business :)

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