Inspired by the colors, travel and meetings, Toubab Paris recovers and transforms materials or objects to interpellate our imagination. 
Early bewitched by Africa, which is for a source of inspiration, and infinitely receptive to the world around him, Maud Villaret transcribed this emotional memory through his creations.
Fascinated by the wax, the variety of their designs, colors and symbolic, they are the foundation of his work. Hides and bazins, objects and unusual materials chinés here and there are also very present in its achievements and nourish his creations.

Jewelry Toubab Paris, already distributed in the Musée du Quai Branly and at Merci, is primarily a way of making the most ethical possible.Shopping for respecting our environment, and comply with all actors in the production. All manufacturing is done manually.For small series, they are made in France by CAT (employment assistance centers) in Paris and two associations of women entering the job market (trained by him for each product) in the Paris region. Thus, Caravensérail development, one of the two associations is a structure employability located in Essonne and aims to help immigrant women to integrate socially and professionally in French life.Maud also use local artisans and associations in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, who are trained in the production of parts and pre-financing of 30% of the production. Costs are calculated to allow a fair return artisans.Toubab Paris is expanding and promoting the best social ties, but also by concern for the environment.Indeed, all tissues at the base of his creations are offcuts collected in workshops. They represent an additional income for local artisans.Linking Africa and Europe, Maud uses many other materials such as media creation that are usually in our consumer society, intended to be discarded. Recovered and diverted from their original function to be reused, they thereby a second life.Toubab paris for the added value is induced by the process of recovery of materials, which allows the realization of unique pieces varied where small series. The uniqueness and authenticity takes an additional satisfaction to those who wear them.All materials used by Toubab Paris are thus recovered items such as tissues (wax, bazin), leather, glass beads. Only clasps are purchased new

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