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Dent de Man
Dent de Man is a menswear brand with the core purpose of providing sartorial elegance through classic African printed suits and trousers. Underlying ethos of breaking the norms of the establishment. Dent de Man blends a simple approach to menswear with a twist of traditional African print – each fabric having been individually sourced and possessing it’s own story and meaning. Well this is certainly a refreshing approach to men’s design right now. Men’s fashion is growing more and more and this label are pushing the boundaries in all the positive directions.
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The Brand
The brand seeks to mix traditional menswear tailoring and soulful print choices for the contemporary gentleman with style. Dent de Man also offers a contemporary silhouette to reflect personality and lifestyle. The pieces are bright and uplifting additions to the wardrobe of today’s man, which can be styled accordingly to suit your mood. The Dent de Man man has the confidence to stand out but without the arrogance of a showman.
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If it’s all too much then team your top half with a simple plain fabric,  either being white or black. You will certainly give it a funky edge to the collection.
The Model
Although the brand has yet to launch officially, Dent de Man has appealed to an international audience and is gaining Facebook fans by the minute. Dent de Man has been seen on celebrities such as Oscar winning actor Olly Alexander, who currently features on the Red Pages “Ones To Watch” list for 2012.
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Rare Authentic Vintage 70’s African Print Material
This Spring/Summer 13 is taken from a selection of rare authentic vintage 70’s African print material and offers the chance to own truly unique and desirable pieces at an affordable price. Make sure you add your own personal touch to this collection and make it your own.
Loving the suits, fabrics and the designs. dare to be different and get yourself a Dent de Man suit

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