Chances are you've never seen or considered a pair of Mayan shoes in your life. But after seeing a pair of MayaXus, you may think again. Providing Guatemalans an outlet for economic development, MayaXus specifically uses handmade textile from different Guatemalan regions to help create one of a kind designs. In addition to having a shoe that is unique in design,  you will also come to appreciate the centuries-old handwoven textile techniques used to create the beautiful designs that grace the outer layer. So in addition to purchasing a great looking shoe and a piece of  textile history, you've also directly contributed to a better standard of living for  the locals who've helped create them

Whats's Made of What:

What we wanted to do with our line of shoes is to show the world the beautiful textiles this women make that reflect years of history of a culture rich in traditions and colors that come from the time of the ancient Maya civilization. So we thought, what better way to do this than to use this artful textiles in a product that is functional, fashionable and usable by all the people in the world, the tennis shoe. -MayaXus
People look for a style that reflects uniqueness and differentiation, world cultures are experiencing a change towards fashion and how it is expected to deliver a sense of self that different and independent from the masses and other brands. --MayaXus

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