KENYAN FASHION: SOKO (ethical. green. sustainable livelihoods)


SOKO operates and trades on two principal levels:

1 The production of quality, competitively priced, fashion driven garments to the international fashion industry.
2 The improvement of the quality of life for the local population through vocational training, employment opportunities and improved social services.
SOKO offers the full CMT process to include fabric sourcing, garment manufacturing, labelling and packaging to the client’s specification as well as managing export and shipping.
SOKO engages with local cooperatives and crafts people to source original components and trimmings to include crochet, hand loomed fabrics, embellishments and beading.
SOKO suppliers the European and US market, both high end and mainstream, with quality products made to the highest manufacturing standards.
SOKO was set up in 2009 by Joanna Maiden. Joanna’s vision was for SOKO to provide the link between the international fashion industry and the local community, Kenya; through making beautiful clothes SOKO provides fair employment to this impoverished community. SOKO is committed to investing profits into the growth of SOKO and local community projects.
To know more about them or to purchase their items visit their website :

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