Ghana is vibrant and booming with amazing talent, much like the rest of the  African continent. Brothers Jeffrey and Vijay Manu decided to start a bespoke shoemaking company that is not like any other, a social enterprise that supports start up companies in Ghana. Heel The World was formed in 20120. The brothers with no experience whatsoever in the shoe business, knew this was something they had to do. They believe their luxury brand rivals internationally acclaimed brands like Gucci, Prada and many others of that calibre. They believe their brand exists to counter perceptions on the quality and capabilities of Ghanaian craftmanship.
They say it was unorthodox and unplanned but they believed in their dream and pursued it. It is a high end fashionable shoe line that caters for men and aims at rewarding Ghanaian talent. For every pair of Heel The World shoes that one buys,a direct contribution to the socio-economic development of a talented but under-resourced Ghanaian shoe maker is made.
The designers  oncemade an appearance on a television show, introducing their work to viewers. Just after the show, the shoes went missing on the set. That according to them is an indication of how beautiful and covetable the shoes are. Those shoes were later named ‘The one that got away’.
Heel The World is a true definition of elegance and outstanding beauty defined. They not only produce these comfortable shoes but also make  bracelets which have been worn by stars like Trey Songz,Mario, The Prince Of Netherlands and Jerome Boateng.

This bead line came about as the business was gaining popularity. They call these beads Empowerment beads, they are hand made and are black and gold which they say black signifies hard work and gold the ultimate reward. This has propelled the brand to new and greater heights, within just a year of inception, the team and reach of the brand has expanded. The shoes come in different designs and sizes and are comfortable. From bright blues and oranges to elegant understated patents and leather designs.
These gorgeous shoes are available in many countries including South Africa and London.  Heel the World seems to be the way to go and the world must take note because African youngsters are not here to play games but to make their mark and make the circle even bigger!
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