Brand Spotlight: O’Eclat Design


VENTURES-AFRICA Popularly known for its breath-taking handcrafted accessories made of leather and mixed with African prints, O’Eclat is a Nigerian fashion and home accessories label owned by CEO Oluwagbemisola Johnson. The label was birthed because of her passion for rich African prints and leather- its smell malleability, durability, color and texture. Over the years, the Biologist has used African prints and leather to produce distinct and classy designs that range from tote bags, purses, belts, slippers, bold clutches to notebooks.
The brand was set up with a vision to provide accessories which value longevity and individuality over the disposable. O’Eclat continues to impress clients by creating artistic and tasteful adornments that exude an elegant edge.
Johnson O’Eclat designs and creates beautiful and affordable handcrafted handbags/purses,slippers,wall decor,magazine baskets/rack,neckpieces and belts. The label is influenced by African rich culture and colors,hence the use of rich african prints,leather and plethora of other materials with a contemporary edge. Each piece represents a perfect individuality and style with key attention to details. With inspiration drawn from everywhere, every piece is a unique, classic design made for fashion lovers of all ages.
Check out some of her O’eclat designs below:
For more information:
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