Katungulu Mwendwa For Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York taking place on September 9.


Katungulu Mwendwa is a young, enthusiastic, upcoming fashion designer born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Taking fashion as wearable art, her passion for design enables her to incorporate other art forms that she loves, such as music, writing, handcrafts, and drawing in the development of garments. Ultimately, her deep seated inspiration comes from those traditional cultures, both in Kenya as well the rest of Africa, that are barely touched by modernity. She combines these experiences and inspiration to create an unusual mix that is new and exciting. 
The theme for both her past 2012 A/W and current S/S collection is inspired by the Tuareg (Indigo People), set in a fantasized concept of Northern Africa in the distant future of a post apocalyptic world. The setting for the collection provides a time period when the world would be undergoing recovery. It is a chance for humanity to re-examine the past and opt to do things differently and make things right.  
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