Ray-Ban Clubmaster Two-Tone Sunglasses


Ray-Ban Clubmaster Two-Tone Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Two-Tone Sunglasses
With Clubmaster sunglasses fast becoming the must have frame shape of the season, it’s refreshing to see brands branching out in order to give the popular silhouette a revamp.
Edging its way past competitors, I for one was immediately drawn to this particular pair as soon as I set my eyes on them. With their distinctive colour way of mustard yellow and brown, these clubmasters are a far cry away from the more traditional black and tortoiseshell colour ways favoured by the masses.
The two tone colour palette gives the glasses a slight retro aesthetic. Having utilised the brown hue for the outer shell of the glasses, with the inside/side trim incorporating the vibrant yellow tone, it gives these classically styled glasses a contemporary edge. And with yellow fast becoming one of the key colour trends of the season, these sunglasses will slot into your spring/summer wardrobe perfectly.
Retailing at a reasonable £125, add a pair to your collection this summer and become the envy of all your friends – we guarantee you wont regret it!
You can get your hands on them over at Mr.Porter.
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Ray-Ban Clubmaster Two-Tone Sunglasses:
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Two-Tone Sunglasses

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  1. Ray Banから、いろいろなことを学びました。レイバンは出来たものに留まらず、また新しいモデルを発表することと同じ、自分ももっと新しい知識を勉強しなければなりません。そして、レイバン wayfarerについてもまだたくさん知りたいです。自分が持つこのイバン RB2140にも感謝したいと思います。

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