The Shawl Collar Jumper


It is a great option for those males who have been struggling to get on board with the recent resurgence in roll neck jumpers. The neck line of the shawl neck typically finishes higher than your standard crew neck jumper due to the added bulk the collar provides but the cut is much more forgiving and generous like a v-neck – perfect for those who are conscious of their weight or worried about how a roll neck would accentuate their neck length, head size etc.

Pairing a shirt or shirt and tie combination underneath your jumper is a ‘go-to’ look that every man should have in their wardrobe. The great thing about the shawl neck is that they are cut very similar to a v-neck (the drop varies from model to model), meaning that it will showcase your shirt and tie or shirt and bow tie combination to its fullest. Try utilising bold coloured shirts or ties in order to inject a shot of life into your look – the shawl neck will only showcase a section, meaning it will neutralise most brash colours or patterns for you automatically.
The shawl neck jumper looks inherently smarter than your typical crew or v-neck. This probably has something to do with being associated with the tuxedo jacket, and there is a reason that it is generally paired with slim trousers or dark solid jeans in the look book above. It works best when dressed up slightly in a smart-casual approach, and always looks better in a slim fit. You can still give your looks some edge by pairing with boots [top centre & bottom right] and bold coloured trousers [top right & bottom right], but just be aware of the overall aesthetic this piece gives off naturally.
Generally the shawl neck jumper looks best stripped back and utilised as the top layer of an outfit. I am not keen on layering blazers over the top like you would a roll neck, as the clashing of lapels doesn’t really work. The gilet in the look book above [top centre] does show that it can be done however, and I think a nice slim mac or smart-casual piece of outerwear would also do the job sufficiently if the weather does turn.

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