Shoe Report Guys: The Future Looks Bright


As with every season, there have been many  emergent changes that we've seen over the last years. There's the double-breasted suit (especially in white or cream) that came in linen, silk, or linen and silk together.Gingham check has been a prevalent pattern, showing up in multiple colors and scales, at a number of shows (from Zegna to D&G). Pants have gotten wider and the jackets have gotten looser, but, man, have shoes gotten brighter. Tom Ford , Tod's, Mark McNairy, Yuketen, and Bottega Veneta all are offering richly colored shoes — mostly in suede, but in every shade and tone that a man could ever desire. Or at least want to behold. It's not a new concept to have bright footwear in the spring as it gives it that extra glow, but never have i seen it championed by so many of our favorite shoemakers. Prada had them, and so did Cesare Paciotti. So, yeah, the future looks mighty bright.

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