Mens Blazer : Bright hue colors to add a zing


This summer mens fashion trend took a plunge into playing with colors. The boring classic pattern blazers are not anymore and the pop out blazers for men are in. The time has come to keep away the grey or black typical blazers which are meant only for office duties. The latest mens blazer in fashion are bright in color with contemporary designs ideal for off duty and hang out with friends. But hang on, this bright bunch of colorful and stylish blazers are not definitely for office. If you are a big fan of classic nautical blazers, there is no harm in going ahead with the same pattern. But to stay tune in with the latest trend, consider adding new colors to the old pattern. It is only the design and the color that makes the blazer stylish. The latest trend mens blazer fashion states to opt for little flashy, pop out colors and contrast trims. Here is a list to consider before you go blazer shopping:

Again the same concern, the colors. Playing with colors is the best way to transform a formal blazer into a stylish casual fun blazer. It is advisable to go for bright hues with bold features and contrasting trims.

Always remember to go for simple and cool bottoms to highlight the blazer. Going for the same color bottom will only make you look like alien from Uranus! To make the blazer look stylish but in fashion, go for unfussy patterns and cuts.

Break the uniform rule of three buttons, instead go for one or two which is more contemporary style for casual wear.

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