Men's Style: The best men's shorts


Shorts are short pants and, just like long pants, they come in two varieties: dress and casual.

Shorts follow the trends of clothing in general so, for now, that means shorts are cut to fit closer to the body– trimmer through the thigh, leaner and, well, a bit shorter. The longest version that is appropriate to wear stops above the kneecap. In general, 3 inches above your kneecap is a good rule of,um, thumb.

Shoes will make or break your look.

Unless you’re going to the gym, hanging out at home or mowing your lawn, the shoes you wear with your shorts should reflect the fact that you are an adult. Yes, they make comfortable and extremely stylish shoes for guys

Finally, you can achieve the looks shown here at any price point. But remember that, just because you’re wearing shorts to beat the heat, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it looking totally cool.


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