Hottest Jewelry Trends For Men 2011-2012


These days, men do not feel shy to experiment things that were considered taboo for men even a few years back. Men today love to wear trendy jewelry pieces. A huge variety of jewelry particularly designed for men are now accessible in the market and designers often have a whole line devoted to men's jewelry. Men's jewelry is specifically designed in smooth and elegant styles, something to enhance to his masculine appeal. Bold, big and purely stunning jewelry pieces are in fashion..

1:Cocktail rings
Cocktail rings, also identified as dinner rings, have made a giant comeback at many jewelry shows and are included in most of designer lines again. These rings are no more just diamonds, a great range of cut crystal and semi-precious stones are also emphasized, with the goal to form a unique look that is one of a kind. These rings are habitually worn on the right hand ring finger and are usually the only ring worn on the right hand. This appeals courtesy to the ring and also makes it comfy for the wearer

2:Antique and vintage jewelry pieces
Antique and vintage jewelry pieces are hot this year. From bracelets and watches, to necklaces and earrings, vintage jewelry is a beautiful choice for any piece of jewelry. Protect these pieces for going out for big date or any other party night.They are coming back in cool, funky designs that blend the old with the new. Large sized bangles and solid bracelets in silver and gold having or without gems are likewise a great fashion item this year.
3:Rustic wooden beads
Are also very popular nowadays, especially for guys. Make sure that the bracelets are not very bright, but reddish brown beads and black beads, etc are all very acceptable

4:leather bracelets

These are also very popular and you may find that they suit you better than the other choices. It’s also fairly popular to layer your bracelets. If you’re wearing two bracelets on one arm, do not wear two on the other—rather, leave it completely bare.

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  1. Jewelry is a very lovable thing and everyone like to wear it especially women. I also like to wear different kind of jewelry. I am always looking for new trends. According to me latest jewelry trend is smaller necklace and colored stone jewelry and Celtic jewelery.

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